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Girlfriend and Her Friends | Bran_Hopewell | 2


"I'll do it, but only if all of you do it, too," you say. The car falls silent for a second.

"Fine," says with a mischievous grin.

"What!" shouts Melissa. "Are you fucking kidding?"

"Nope. My car, my rules," she retorts.

You're getting hard, and that impish smile she keeps flashing you in the mirror isn't helping.

"No fucking way!" Melissa shouts again, a little quieter than before. She crushes herself into the corner against the door, her eyes flickering angrily between you and .

"I'll do it," the statuesque redhead says in the front seat.

"Good girl!" says, her hand stroking Claire's bare thigh. Your sharp eyes catch goosebumps erupting in the wake of her fingers.

"I'm in," Amanda says meekly. You look at the blonde's heaving chest and there's a flush on her skin as she stares you up and down.

"You're out voted girly girl," Claire says, turning to face Melissa while she licks her lips.

"Looks like 's getting another vote," Melissa adds with a giggle. Four pairs of eyes move to your crotch and take in the sight of your erection trying to tear a hole in your pants. Amanda's fingernails rake up the material covering it and Claire and Melissa giggle as it bucks in its confinement. Surprisingly doesn't object; her eyes staring straight into yours and she has her "come fuck me" look that got your attention in the first place.

A silence falls in the car that is broken by the dishy redhead.

"Well, if everyone else is chicken," she says and deftly pops her shirt up over her head. Her red silky bra stands boldly against her pale skin, and it is the next to be ditched. You can't see all of her breast from your position, but you can clearly see the pale dusty pink of her left nipple standing proudly in the air conditioning. Amanda seems to be in a race with her, rapidly shucking her summer dress revealing an almost identical bra to Claire's; it is larger of course, and black instead of red. Amanda turns around and looks at you over her shoulder.

", could you be a dear and unhook me?" she asks, batting her eyes at you.

"He's better at it if he reaches around from the front," says with a devilish giggle.

"I can't fucking believe..." Melissa fumes as Amanda turns to face you. She arches her back, forcing her big melons almost into your face.

"Please? I can't seem to get it by myself..."

"Always happy to lend a hand," you say and lean in against her. Amanda's soon to be bra-less tits crush against your chest and she leans in to nibble on your earlobe, sending electric chills coursing through your body. You'd glance sideways at the mirror to see 's reaction, but Amanda's amazingly scented hair is blocking the view. Your fingers stroke up her back slowly, starting at her waist and they take their time in finding her bra strap. By instinct, you start to unhook the catches while she starts sucking and chewing on your earlobe.

"Whatever happens, just remember," Amanda breathlessly whispers as she moves her diamond tipped tits against your chest, "it was all 's idea. She wants this, just as much as I want this," she whispers again, emphasizing her last words with a long slow squeezing stroke of your aching cock. "Just as much as Claire wants this," she says with another stroke. "And just as much as Melissa wants this," she adds, ending with a nibble. Her fingers find your fly and deftly unfastened the button at the same time that the last of the hooks on her bra strap is undone. She separates from you and leaves you hanging there, her tits slowly coming into view as her bra slides down her body and off her arms.

Amanda's nipples are surprising dark, given the pale complexion of her skin and her straw-colored hair. There's many nights you've got yourself off to sleep while stroking your cock and thinking about shooting a load all over those thick nipples and into the valley of cleavage that is now completely exposed and not even an arm's length away. You tear your gaze away from her amazing chest only when something hits you in the face; something warm and wet.

You pull it off in a late catch attempt and notice it's a silky red thong, and the crotch still carries Claire's heat and moisture. Another hits you as you examine the flimsy material, this one you know belongs to . You pull your shirt up over your head and you are greeted to a third thong, this one silky and black. You look over at Amanda who's now completely naked and she's already playing with herself, stroking her tits and her fingers buried between her thighs. Claire is sitting spread wide open, one foot on the dash, the other in front of the stick shift, her long, lean body on display for anyone looking in the windows.

Amanda's hands wrench your fly open and with a little help from you, she pulls your jeans and boxers down your legs. In doing so, her face rubs against your cock as soon as it is freed, and she kisses the head without doing anything else, your salty precum making her lips glisten when she comes back up.

All eyes go to Melissa, still sitting with her arms crossed, still dressed as she was.

She rolls her eyes and turns to face you. Her skirt rides up as she moves, exposing a long length of her extremely well toned thighs. Looks like all those years of running and swimming she's always blathering about have really paid off.

"Like she said," she says quietly to you. "I want this," she says and without another word, takes your cock in hand. She slides into your lap, forcing her knee between Amanda and you. After a quick adjustment of her skirt, your cock finds her bare pussy and feels the trimmed nest of thick, silky fur covering above her pussy.

"No fair, I can't see!" whines from the front seat. She hits the gas hard and Melissa is forced down on your lap from the motion, making her spear 5 inches of your meat into her pussy as she tries to catch herself. She gasps loud and low at the shock, but for all of her show before, she is dripping wet. You lift her skirt up in the back and adjusts her mirror, getting what you know to be a good view of your thick rod impaling one of your girlfriend's best friends.

"That's better," says. "Hey what....ooooh....don't stop that..." she moans quietly. You strain to see but Melissa keeps you locked in place. Your hands seem to be working on auto-pilot as they slide up her sides, feeling lean muscle like coiled steel under her velvet flesh. Her tiny braless tits are found hiding under her shirt, the nipples thick and puffy, almost cones with her aureole. Her breath is sucked in hard and fast when your thumbs start rolling them around and when your fingers joins the party, she starts to squeal. She slams herself down, taking in all your length and bucks on your lap, grinding your rod in her tight, smoking box. Her skirt falls away and you see Amanda taking it off her. Next up is her shirt.

It is then that you realize you are in a car with four naked women, one of them starting to fuck you for everything she is worth, and you are stopped at the busiest intersection in town at a red light.


Does the red light put the brakes on the fun?

          Not for you it doesn't.


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