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A Day in the Life of a Schoolgirl | ponyboy | 7


Kinji is awake and looking at you.
You have no idea what is worse: what was happening to you, or having Kinji watching what was happening to you.
You see the flower release its grip on Kinji's cock. You noticet that he is losing his erection and you spot a few drops of cum dripping from the flower as it moves away.
The flower then closed up and headed over to you. The vine which had been thrusting in your pussy suddenly pulled away and the folded up flower replaced it.
In just a brief moment you feel a thick, warm liquid squirt into your pussy.
You hope it was not Kinji's cum but you admit to yourself it probably was.
You look at Kinji and see another flower had taken hold of his cock and was once again sucking on it.
At the same time, multiple vines had begun sliding in and out of every one of your holes.
You feel an orgasm building. You try to hold it back but it just keeps on building.
You look back at Kinji and you can tell his eyes had never left you.
This manages to help you hold off your orgasm for a little while.
However, it's not long before your orgasm suddenly hits and you realize your mistake. By holding it back as long as you did you only made the orgasm all the more stronger.
Your entire body tingled from your toes up to the hair on top of your head. Your legs felt weak and you slumped down as your orgasm washed over you, hanging limply from the vines.


What happened next?


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