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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 7


After Petra left the viewing room to stop Sharon from pleasuring herself in the middle fo the store's floor, the teens turned their attention back to the video. Both Candice and Jerome were now licking a nipple each as the screen split in two. One side stayed with the action, while the other had Candice talking to an interviewer.

"I met Britney in gymnastics camp when I was thirteen. We hit it off right away. Neither of us knew why exactly, just that we had met a friend for life..." In the action screen both girls have started kissing Jerome now, Candice on the mouth, Britney still laid on her back as she kissed Jerome's heavy balls and fondled his cock. "We found out that we lived it he same neighborhood, and in fact went to the same school. We had just never met! It was really cool, but not that surprising since we had like three thousand kids in our school. We had no gymnastics team so we had to meet through the camp. Anyway, we became the best of friends, like I said. We coordinated our classes, hung out until people thought we were sisters, and even planned our college together. We still hadn't thought of going further than friendship. Though I will admit there were a couple times when we'd get dumped by a boyfriend and we comforted each other that...well made me tingle."

Jerome was laying on his back now as Courtney and Bridgett watch him spread his legs wide and Britney stick her tongue into his crack, while Candice took over pleasuring the man's cock. He was moaning and groaning as Britney's tongue ran circles around his asshole, and Candice did the same with his cock head.

Bridgett bit her lip, "That...that looks hot. I...nevermind."

Courtney glanced at her friend, taking in her flushed but pretty features. She found herself wondering if she and Bridgett could... She shook her head to clear the thoughts. She was having trouble enough getting Jeremy to love her, never mind adding the complication of adding Bridgett to the mix.

Candice was talking again, "While we were in sophomore year in college I started dating Jerome. I found out later that Britney had had a fling with him during Spring Break freshman year! This caused a rift between us. It hurt hurt her...and amazingly it hurt Jerome. He and his best friend as a kid had a similar situation, and they weren't able to work it out before his friend got into a car accident and...well...his friend died. He couldn't forgive himself for having caused a rift with his best friend over a chick. His words. And he felt that Britney and I shouldn't end our friendship over some dude. Again, his words. We had this massive blow out and...suddenly...we were all kissing. I'd *never* kissed a girl before sober...but there I was shoving my tongue down my best friend's throat moaning as she separated my legs so Jerome could stuff his huge tool into my kitty. It was amazing. I wasn't a slut or anything, but every single sexual experience I'd had didn't even come close to that night. And most nights since. I love them both. Truly and madly. Three parts to the same person in many respects."

On the action side of things Candice was now riding Jerome's cock as Britney was putting on a strap on. It had a purple dildo about seven inches long and maybe an inch in circumference. Maybe an inch and a half.

Bridgett and Courtney turned to each other, Bridgett opened her mouth to say something but was cut off as Courtney beat her to it, " know I love Jeremy."

Bridgett gulped, "Yeah."

"But...I can't seem to get up the nerve to get to and him?"

Bridgett smiled gently, and brought her hand up to cup her best friend's face, "I'd do anything in the world for you. Have someone to kill? That person is dead."

"No F-f-f-f...Forever."


Continue the video some more?

          A little bit...


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