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A Day in the Life of a Schoolgirl | ponyboy | 8


You are dragged out from the bushes in to center of a clearing in the middle of the forest. You see Ayame naked curled up and crying on the ground. Thick white goo is leaking from her pussy.
Then you hear ripping sounds and you can feel your own clothes being shredded off of your body.
You feel a cool breeze and the warm sun on your naked skin.
The vines wrap around your arms and legs and lift you up.
The creature stepped forward and at first you thought it was tree, because it had branches growing out of its head like antlers and its arms looked like branches too.
One branch had you more worried than any other and he was stroking it like your boyfriend stroked his cock.
The tree walked up to you and placed the head of his branch in your pussy and started fucking you with it.
It was bigger softer and smoother than you had expected and did not feel too bad.
Then it started squirting hot liquid deep in your pussy.


What happens next?


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