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A Day in the Life of a Schoolgirl | ponyboy | 7


You look around trying to see the quickest way back to the path. You carefuly move along the trails, not wanting to get to close to any bushes.
You finally get close to the path. The only thing between you and the path is a shallow ditch that runs along the side of it.
It is only a little jump and you're on the path. Otherwise you will have to walk a fair way to find a break and get across.
You step back and take a running jump. You rise up in the air halfway across and you know you're going to land in the middle of the path.
You look down and see hundreds of vines shoot up and grab your legs. Moments later you feel more vines wrap around you from behind.
You see the path getting further and further away from you as you get dragged back in to the forest.


Where are the vines taking you?

          A clearing in the middle of the forest


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