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A Blow By Blow | iprefernottosay | 3


With 's penis full engorged, pulled him up on the bed and he knelt there, flagpole erect. lay on her back, hands behind her head, and wrapped her legs around him, locking her feet behind his back and lifting her hips a few inches. He reached behind and grabbed her ass with his left hand, his right hand guiding his hard cock between her lips.

As he slowly slid the head of his penis gently in and out between her lips, his right hand moved up and his thumb rubbed her clitoris while his left hand slid up her side and started to tweak her nipple. She pulled her feet into his back, pulling his thick manhood inside her wet vagina. He slid in and out, each time pushing a little deeper and rubbing her clit a little faster.


What next?


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