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A Blow By Blow | iprefernottosay | 3


His fingers deftly massaged her clitoris as stroked his thick erection. thought to change the scenery a bit, and started moving down, kissing her shoulders, kissing her breasts, taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking it quickly as he caressed her clitoris. Then he continued to move down, moving his hands around her sides to feel her thighs and ass as his tongue searched for and found her throbbing clit.

He slid his tongue down between her lips, then drew it up against the base of her clit, closing his lips around the hot, moist region and sucking hard before sliding his tongue down between her lips again. Her back arched with each suck, and grabbed at her nipples with both hands, pinching hard between rounds as he licked and sucked.


What next?


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