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A Blow By Blow | iprefernottosay | 4


's hard cock was feeling strong and potent, but he wasn't ready to explode just yet. He wanted to enjoy their time together a while longer, so he drew up off of his erection, and pulled her down onto the bed next to him. Kissing her shoulders passionately, and sliding down across her soft breasts, drawing her hard nipple into his mouth as he passed, he moved down to her moist labia, and started licking up and down, flicking his tongue up against her clit.

arched her back and her hands grabbed his hair, flexing with each movement of his tongue around her hard clitoris. He caressed her thighs as he sucked, sliding his hand up her torso and finding her erect nipples, pinching them gently in time with his tongue.


What next?

          Fuck her


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