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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 11


"Well...I've seen him...and...and..." Sharon paused for a second, taking a breath. "He's BIG, Courtney."

Courtney cocks her head to the side, "I kind of figured"

Sharon's eyes bugged out at that, "Courtney, you are a virgin. Which means you are very tight, nothing except maybe...what? A finger? And that vibrator I got you for Christmas?"

Courtney blushed at that, "Well, yeah. So?"

Bridgett stepped forward, "What she's saying is that your tightness, and his size could make for a not enjoyable first time."

Sharon nodded, "Thank you Bridge. That's exactly what I meant. It could...WILL hurt bad! If you aren't prepared."

Courtney swallowed hard, glancing at Jeremy. Jeremy followed the conversation like a tennis match, twisting his head to follow the conversation. "So...what...what do I do? I want him inside me and I don't want to wait anymore!"

Jeremy cleared his throat, "Look, you said Aunt Kate was having a friend of hers do a seminar right? If anything we...we could get the tips necessary there and..."

"I...want you want me too right?" Courtney asked.

"Courtney, I don't want to hurt you. If I could somehow make it so you didn't feel any pain I'd do it in heart beat and be in you already. However, I can't do" He answered gently, finishing with a shrug.

"I don't want to be a virgin for the seminar, that's all...I mean...that's not ALL...I want you. I love you. I want to feel all of you. I want you to feel all of me." Courtney replied.

Sharon stepped forward, "Look. I can help the two of you, I've done it...not with him, or anyone that size, but I can help. It *will* hurt you though Courtney."

Bridgett, who was lost in thought for a second looked up, "Does your mom have any lube or...something?"

"You'll help how?" Courtney asked Sharon, then looked at Bridge, "I don't know...I think so though. I heard my dad say something about picking up something called Liquid Silk. I thought they had gotten me some type of, like, really expensive dress, but when I looked it up..." She blushed at her naivety.

"I'll go look for it." As Bridgett left the room they heard, "Well, shit I don't want to be the only virgin at that seminar."

Sharon shook her head at Bridgett, "That is so going to get her in trouble."

Bridgett's head appeared at the door again, "Did...did I just say that out loud?"


Call her on it, or let it slide?"

          Call her on it.


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