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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 7


As Bryan and Peter slowly fucked next to her, Kathryn looked over to the door where she had seen some movement. Her eyes widened considerably as she saw Courtney Jones standing at the door.

Courtney's eyes were wide, her mouth parted. She was breathing heavily, and was gently rubbing herself through her white shorts, perhaps absentmindedly.

"Oh my!" Kathryn said, causing the trio to her side to stop moving.

Peter turned his head and gasped as he saw the eighteen year old.

"" Kathryn looked around frantically for something to throw on herself.

"'m sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. I...I didn't know." Courtney said, trailing off. She averted her eyes, and even put both hands up over her eyes.

Kathryn sighed for a second in relief. Her covering her eyes gave Kathryn a chance to cover up and explain. She quickly got a long shirt from a draw and threw it on, then picked up a blanket on the floor and tossed it over Sandy and Bryan, and a certain area of Peter. Kathryn heard Sandy giggle from under the blanket.

Then Kathryn walked up to Courtney and led her out from the doorway, closing the door as they left the room. "Courtney is something the matter?"

Courtney peeked through her fingers, then seeing that Kathryn had something on lowered her hands, her face was beet red. "Who are they?"

"That's Peter and Sandy Walker. Bryan and I met them on the cruise after Freshmen year of college. How'd you get into the house?" Kathryn asked, changing the subject.

Courtney looked around, "Jeremy came with me...we entered the house and heard you scream, and we came back here to find you. He was standing right behind me...I don't know where he went."

Kathryn nodded, "Why did you come here?"

"I found out that Sharon and Jeremy had some fun around his birthday two months ago. I wanted to ask why that hurt me so much. We never dated, I really have no right to be angry or hurt...but I am."

Kathryn nodded, "I see. It's possible that at the time you found out that you thought that you had ruined your chance with him. Maybe you think he would like Sharon, who if rumors are to be believed, is very experienced sexually. Compared to you."

Courtney stood there blinking, thinking it over then nodded, "That makes sense."

"I've been there. With Bryan. When we first met I knew that I wanted him, forever, and ever. But, and this is a little weird sounding now, I was a little worried that he'd like Jasmine more than me. Luckily Jasmine saw how I reacted to him, and instead of taking advantage of that worry, taught me how to please him in every way possible. And it's worked. We are just as in love now as we were in the beginning."

A ghost of a smile hit Courtney's lips, "While Sharon was apologizing for what she did she said 'Look at it this'll enjoy it better.' But...the's still there."

"And it will stay there until you tell him how you feel." Kathryn said as she saw Jeremy step out of the bathroom down the hall. Behind Courtney. A spark of an idea hit. "So have you figured out how you feel?"

Courtney nodded at that, unaware that Jeremy was walking up behind her. He heard the question and stopped in his tracks.


How does Courtney feel?

          "I love him..."


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