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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 6


Sandy and Peter laughed. Peter said, "Mission One accomplished!"

"So what am I, second fiddle?" Sandy complained teasingly.

"You're my number one and it's your turn," Peter said.

Sandy squealed in delight as she hopped off the bed to strip frantically. Peter and Bryan laughed at the action. Kathryn sighed contentedly rolling over to make more room for Sandy as she jumped back onto the bed, landing on her knees with a bounce. "Are...are we going to try 'it' again? Or is that for later?" She asked the excitement bleeding out of her voice.

Bryan and Peter looked at each other, "I'm game. How about you?" Bryan asked Peter, who answered with a sarcastic chuckle.

"You are kidding right? Lay on your back Bryan. Sandy get on top of him." Peter said.

Bryan laid down on his back, his hard cock smacking against his abdomen as he did so. As he settled in Kathryn cuddled up to his side, and Sandy straddled him.

Kathryn reach under Sandy to grasp and position her husband's cock at Sandy's entrance. Sandy slowly slid down Bryan's cock. Bryan's cock was a little thicker than her husband Peter's. So she usually needed a second to adjust. But not this time. She immediately started slowly sliding up and down on her friend. Sandy tossed her hair as she looked over her shoulder, "You ready baby?"

"I've been ready. And you look like you could take on the sixth fleet, so lay on down dear." Peter said with a playful lilt to his voice.

Sandy stuck her tongue out at her husband but followed his order to lay down on top of Bryan, mashing her breasts into his chest. She turned her head back around to smile at Bryan, dipping her head down for a kiss. She moaned into the kiss as she laid still waiting for the second cock to enter her.

She didn't have to wait long as she almost immediately felt him stretch her pussy out more and enter her. The feeling made Sandy break the kiss and close her eyes, moaning.

They had only tried this one time before, and while she wound up loving it that time, it had hurt at first. This time Peter slid in more slowly, listening for his wife's uh huh's, and didn't let lust take him over like the last time.

Kathryn smiled as she watched the two men fill up Sandy. She reached her hand up to brush some of Sandy's blond hair out of her face. Sandy felt the move and opened her eyes. She stared into Kathryn's blue eyes as Peter bottomed out in her pussy. Sandy breathed deeply as the feeling shifted from slight pain to stretching pleasure.

Kathryn trailed her thumb across Sandy's lips, "You okay this time?" She asked quietly.

"Uh huh, none of us are drunk this time." Sandy said with a breathless giggle. Sandy sighed as Peter started fucking his wife, slowly at first. "Yesss...oh God yes. Much better. Much better."

Sandy started moving on Bryan, keeping time with Peter's thrusts.

Kathryn gasped as she saw movement by the door.


Who's there?



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