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A Wishbone Tale | BenjiDude | 11


As Jake laid on the floor, breathing heavily, Marion got to her feet, her legs feeling like jelly, thanks to the hard fucking and the whisky, “Your clothes” Marion stated, “Zey are zo dirty!” she added as she started to strip them off, Jake offered little resistance, “You get into bed and relax” Marion suggested, helping Jake to his feet, he just collapsed onto the bed and quickly fell into a light sleep. Marion picked up his clothes and made her way to the washing machine, swaying this way and that as she moved. As she put the clothes into the washer she checked all the pockets for items, there was the usual stuff, phone wallet, spare change, as she reached into the last pocket she felt the bone, “What iz zis?” she asked quizzically pulling it out, she looked at the bone and felt it’s power start to surge through her, “Sir keeps some very strange trinkets” she mused to her self as she put the trousers in the washer and turned it on. She put the bone on the work surface and continued cleaning up the house, careful not to wake her lord.

Sometime later, after she had sobered slightly she came back to the bone and picked it up, “I wonder why it feels so good?” she asked out loud, as thoughts came to the surface of what Jake had done to her.

“Where did you get that?!” Jake asked sternly surprising Marion.

“It was in your trouser pocket sir!” Marion replied, as Jake started to walk over to her, “May I keep it?” she asked.


Does Jake let her keep it?

          Yes... eventually



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