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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 11


Courtney shook her head, "I think I'd feel embarrassed if someone else were in the room. I want it to be just him and me. Please?"

Sandy and Kathryn smiled at the girl, "Whatever you want. We'll go entertain our husbands. The thought of you two popping your cherries has me really excited." Sandy said, giving her own breast a squeeze.

Kathryn nodded at that then looked at the bed, "You want me to change the sheets first or...?"

Courtney looked at the bed noticing the cum stains on the sheets, "Wow how much fun did you guys have this morning?"

Sandy laughed, "Actually that's all Kate. The rest of us didn't get a chance yet."

"Really? How is that possible?!" Courtney asked stunned.

Kathryn giggled at the reaction, "I squirt. Not all the time, but...I squirt."

Courtney stared at Jeremy's aunt, "I...I'm not into girls...but..."

"You want to see that sometime?" Sandy asked with a grin. Courtney nodded at that.

"Okay, I'll show you sometime. We'll go get Jeremy for you, Okay?"

"Thank you. You know, are like...the number one coolest person in town. And everyone that made fun of you because of your night blindness is a moron of the first order." With that she hugged Kathryn.

"Thank you." Kathryn said returning the hug. "We'll leave you two love birds alone...condoms are in that draw over there."

"Okay, that'll be useful. I'm not on the Pill yet so..."

Kathryn rubbed her, hopefully, future niece in law on the shoulder then grabbed Sandy's hand and dragged her out of the room.


How do things proceed?


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