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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 11


Courtney looked at the blond friend of Kathryn, "You'd help how?"

Sandy looked a little sad, "My first time was with an ignorant brute. He actually injured me, badly."

Courtney's jaw dropped, "You were raped?"

Sandy shook her head, "No. It was of my volition, don't get me wrong. But for that ignoramus I was just a cherry to be popped. And he pounded away and all hurt for two days before my sister dragged me to the Doctors. And you are a sweet girl, and I don't want that for you."

"Jeremy wouldn't do that. I know it." Courtney said in earnest.

"I have no doubt. But I can teach him to give you a mind blowing orgasm. And you to him."

"Kate...ask Jeremy to come in, please." Courtney said to her, at least she hoped, future Aunt in law. "I want to talk to him first though.

Kathryn smiled benignly at the teen then went out to the living room.


Does all go Well?

          "I'm so nervous!"


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