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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 11


Courtney took a breath then opened her eyes again, "I actually am a bit hungry. I haven't seen Jasmine in a while. But what does her help entail? I mean I'm not bi."

Sandy cocked her head, "No? Not even a thought here and there?"

Courtney shrugged and shook her head, "Not even a thought. I don't judge people that are of course, but I've never even had a tingle from a girl."

Sandy bit her lip a second, "Lean back and close your..."

Kathryn wagged her finger at Sandy, "Don't you dare. This is my future niece here!"

"What was she going to do?"

"Knowing her she was going to kiss you, and rub your vagina through your shorts...and see if you got wet."

"Oh I'm wet. I mean, I can see your breasts, Kate, they're beautiful by the way, and the smell in this room But...I've never thought of...of...doing's always been Jeremy." Courtney answered.

"Eep!" Kathryn squeaked and drew her robe a little tighter across her ample chest, a furious blush forming.

"So basically you aren't reeeeaaaalllly sure if you're bi or not yet. You've just been focused on Jeremy for so long that you never thought about it?" Sandy said after a laugh.

Courtney thought about that. Sure she compared herself to other girls before, who hasn't? But she never really felt any type of horny for a girl. This situation right here was a first. Being horny in a room with two other women, but they were talking about Jeremy. That's what she told herself anyway. But... "I don't know. I...I think I'll deal with each thing one at a time. First, and always first, is Jeremy."

"What do you want for breakfast?" Kathryn asked with a gentle smile.


What does she want?

          Jasmine Arrives (Sad)

          Jasmine Arrives (Happy)


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