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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 10


Kathryn paused a second thinking it over. "I have an idea. Can you wait a little while? My friend Jasmine should be here in an hour. Sandy and I can make you a nice birthday breakfast in the interim."

"Why Jasmine? I want him now...before I lose my nerve!"

"I want you and my nephew to enjoy it. Jasmine was there for mine and Bryan's first time and...almost fourteen years later we're still together." Kathryn takes Courtney's hand, gently massaging it. "First time should be special. Remembered. And Jasmine can help the both of you. I swear. Either way I'll let you...actually maybe I'll change the sheets first...but I'll let you use the bed."

Sandy wrapped an arm around the teen, "Or if you don't want to wait, I could help give a couple pointers before the start off and then leave you two alone."

Courtney closed her eyes a second, then came to a decision.


What is Courtney's decision now?

          Wait for Jasmine...

          Ask Sandy for Help

          Do like the Nike Commercials

          Other Options


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