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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 6


Sandy and Peter laughed. Peter said, "Mission One accomplished!"

"So what am I, second fiddle?" Sandy complained teasingly.

"You're my number one and it's your turn," Peter said.

Sandy giggled at that, and started to take off her shorts.


The quartet in the bedroom started at the exclamation. Kathryn and Bryan looked at each other, "That's Jeremy's voice! I hope nothing is wrong!" She went to get up off the bed when Sandy pushed her back down. "Something might be wrong with my Nephew I have to..."

"You're nude." Sandy said with a smirk. "I'm still clothed. I'll get your robe. I'll be right back. You two get dressed too."

With that Sandy got off the bed and left the room, straightening herself out as she went.

Bryan got up and got a pair of sweat pants, while Peter went over to his clothes and put them back on.

Sandy was back in a flash, "They seem to be all right, they're more worried about you. They must have come in the door as you were screaming to the heavens."

Kathryn paused as she put on a thong, "They?"

"Yes, it's your nephew and some really cute strawberry blond girl."

"Courtney? Oh. I talked to her earlier...they're early for the seminar."

Peter cocked his head at that, "Seminar?"

Kathryn nodded as she threw her robe on, "Yes. Today is Courtney's birthday. She called earlier today to get advice on how to lose her virginity to Jeremy...and not have him think she's easy. She's such a sweet girl."

"This town breeds them well I think. I think instead of you moving closer to us we should move here!"

"Too conservative here. No secrets." Kathryn said as she tied the robe and hurried out of the room, Bryan following close behind.


What's next?

          "What's the matter?"


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