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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 9


Jeremy watched as Kathryn took the love of his life into the bedroom. He looked over at his Uncle Bryan, "So..."

A moment later another man stepped out into the living room. "I just got kicked out of the bedroom. It's girl talk time I guess. Who is that beautiful girl?" Peter said as he stepped over and offered his hand to the much larger Jeremy. "How are you? I'm Peter Walker."

Jeremy nodded as he took Peter's hand, "I'm Jeremy Lang. are we actually going to talk sports? Because I actually do have some questions to ask. If you don't mind."

The two married men shook their heads as they sat down. "Not at all Jeremy. Not at all. I'm going to describe a situation. Tell me when to stop." Bryan said to his nephew.

After Jeremy sat across from the men he nodded, "Not a problem. Shoot."

"You are having trouble figuring out how to tell Courtney that you love her."

"Yes, I was going to tell..."

"And today is her eighteenth birthday. You don't want to pressure her, but hormones are acting up..."

"True, two months ago Sharon and I..."

Bryan nodded at the new information, "All the way?"

"No. No I swear. Not all the way."

"But she found out somehow?" Peter asked, quickly

"She said Sharon told her. I don't know why she would though."

"We'll table that for now. Do you know how she feels?"


Does he?



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