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Create a Wrestler | luffy316 | 18


Mama took her usual soak in the fans’ adoration when she suddenly paused. A loud, metallic bell sound rang out. Mama froze as it rang out again through the arena, a distinct sound of a cowbell jangling through the rafters. Mama spun quickly to see the blonde at the entrance ramp.

“Karen, sweetie!” she chimed cheerily. “So good to see you again!”

The woman looked in her thirties, with a thick but healthy build. She had curves all over, tits nearly as big as Mama’s own, and curly blonde hair down to her shoulders. She wore necklace with a cowbell hanging off it, and her costume was marked with a cow’s fur pattern. It was a tight spandex wrestling outfit that hugged her thick hips and split at her navel, spreading wide as it went up to (very precisely) barely cover the edges of her nipples.

Mama gulped throatily.

Debbie’s mike broke the silence of the confused crowd and startled Luv. “A stranger’s appeared in the arena… we don’t have anything on file here. I thought Casey was the only cowgirl around here…”

“Different idea, Deb. But whoever she is, she sure seems to have the champ shaken up. Wonder why, though…”

“Because she’s scared!” laughed a voice over the intercom. Everyone looked upward. Becky Luv was up in the elevated announcer’s booth, where the officials usually watched over the match (Scott and Debbie usually staying at the up-close announcer’s table). The officials and judges were tied up behind her, her feet kicked up on a nearby screen as she held a mike. She grinned wickedly.

“That’s right, Karen. You remember, don’t you? Remember ‘Mama Luv’ being made into a screaming little baby?”
Mama was sweating heavier and biting her lip, whispering under her breath. “Don’t…”

Becky gleefully flicked a switch with her toe, cuing a video on the jumbo screen.

A clip played out of a younger Mama Luv in a caged-in wrestling ring. It was octagonal, pointing out that this was in another league entirely, as though the ages weren’t enough. The cow woman was there too, hardly in her twenties, but with a Hooters tanktop on and nothing else. She had her leads clamped tightly around Karen’s hips (who was wearing only shreds remaining from street clothes), slamming her with a trib attack that had Mama’s eyes as wide as they could go, wild with fear and desperation as she thrashed her arms for the ropes in hope for relief. The mat beneath them was soaked in cum.

And the cow woman seemed to be having the time of her life. She humped away eagerly at Mama’s cunt, seemingly ignoring her agonized pussy as she rubbed her all over.

Mama cried out in pain and ecstasy, each visibly flooding her body. “OH! OH GOD! PLEASE LET ME MMMMM! Stop… stop, I can’t AHH!!! It hurts… god, my pussy’s so OOOOOH! My poor clit AAAAH! Can’t… cum… anymore… NNNG!”

The newcomer was still in high spirits and energy. “Mmm! So good! Fuck me, yea! Yea! Ah! I’m almost there! AH! Yea, that’s it! Mmm! MMM! MMMMMMOOOOOOOO!” She blurted out her last cry in a high, feminine voice, contrary to the natural noise.

She finally came on Mama’s pussy when the clip ended.

“Oh, that little ‘play date’ of a match? Nonsense. That’s nothing to be scared of, right honey?”
Mama’s eyes were fixed on the now blank screen, sweat dripping down her body for more reasons than the hot lights and her exhausting fight.

“Says here you had FIFTY orgasms that match! And my old friend Cassie here had… well, ONE! And that was self-induced. Ol’ Mama dear must not have been on her A-Game that day, huh?”

Mama was silent. The cow girl Cassie seemed confused by it all, but shrugged, her huge breasts jiggling with the slightest move. “I don’t know what this’ all about… but your sister was nice enough to mention this league to me through an email. Said it would be a good place to show off my sexfighting, so I took her up on it. Miss McVan was so nice to take me in. I hope to see you around soon, sweetie!” She blew Mama a kiss and waved to the fans. “And you all too! Watch for me, Cassie the sexfight queen!” She left to waves as Mama quietly collapsed to her knees.

“Why her…?”

Scot and Debbie had hurried up to the announcer’s booth. Becky would be harder to catch up to and question once security arrived.

“Becky!” Scot gasped. “You’ve got to tell us more! Who is that woman!? Did she really out-fuck Karen Luv? What’s she doing here?!”

Becky spat and spun around in her seat, planting her heels on a bound referee’s back like a footstool.

“Bitch ain’t human, I tell ya. Ain’t big on raw strength with her weight and all, but that’s about it. Got the endurance and the brainless sex drive you’d expect from a cow. Can’t stop her, can’t hold her down, can’t outfuck her. And by brainless, I don’t mean ‘friendly retard brainless.’ Heartless brainless. Bimbo doesn’t think twice about what she’s doing. Means no hesitation, no fear, no mercy. Hold back the slightest bit, show the tiniest weakness, and you’re fucked to hell and back before you know what hit ya.”

“And the footage…”
“Some league Mama tried her hand in when she was younger. Don’t know the details myself, but didn’t you really wonder why Karen wasn’t a pro until her daughter got in trouble with what’s-his-dick? Shamed out of the ring by a horny-ass broad with a heart of gold. Like to see what bitches’ll want a piece of the girl who banged Mama Luv to tears… hell, might try some myself once I finish this plan I got in mind. Show Karen who the better bitch is when I take down her best opponent ever!” she laughed. "She's still doing the paperwork for her official listing, but Tanya herself said it was cool whoever wanted to challenge her. She just doesn't take any responsibility for what happens to em, ya know?"


Ask more of Becky? Follow her and her 'plan?' Or follow the beautiful newcomer or the scarred Mama?

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