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Create a Wrestler | lilguy | 12


Ring Name- Chesty Lane
Real Name –unknown
Age- 20’s
Height- 5.8
Bad girl
Hair- Blond Long
Eyes- Green
Breast Size- Basketball size
Tattos- Rose on her right Arm. Some Asian symbols over her ass that spell out “Sex” In ancient letters. Barbwire tattoos on her right arm. Words “hotty” In small letters on her left breast

History- Chesty was one of the Top Porn stars in town, she had her own website and fan club. She didn’t wonderfull movies like Buakkai Sunrise, Who Eating Gilbers Grape, Good Will Humping and others. She was known as the nastiest porn star out there. She showed her dominant side when James Green spilled coffie on her during a shoot. She ended up beating him and raping him with a strapon. She then found she liked it. She was more aggressive with men and women during her films. This made the films sale even better but people wouldn’t work with her cause they thought she was to rough with them. She had put Jenna Jameson, Belledona in sexual comas for a week. She decided that the league was best for her


She like nothing better then making a girl spent in sexual battle

1) Sushi waterfall- She holds a person down and smother her. She rubs on their face till she drowing them in her pussy juice by squirting and squirting

2) Hard Lane- She put someone over her knee with a back breaker and bend them like this while working on their pussy or cock with her hands

3) Sticky Wheel Barrel- She takes strapon and fuck them, pulling there legs like Wheel Barrel. She pushed them around the room as she do this

4) Under press- She sits on there back and pull their hair, adding pressure to their back. Meanwhile she using her toys on them with her other hand


what does she get into?

          a tag team

          Chesty vs Bambi the secretary

          fight some men

          fight some women

          more adventures


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