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Angela THE TIGRESS coco
Age: 18
race- white
Hair: pink
Green eyes
Bad girl
C cup breast
Mostly lean, but chubby where she needs it
Possesses natural cat’s ears and tail

Attire: usually a pink singlet

History: a girl imbued with cat-like traits from a mad scientist in the league. He intended to use her enhanced abilities to rule the league, but she quickly left his command for her own interests. Too naïve to have wishes for evil, she came to wrestle for sport alone. Her cat-like nature makes her somewhat absentminded or easily distracted, but she has extreme ferocity when dealing with her enemies. She can even become quite beast-like when pushed hard enough.

As part of her genetic mutation, Kitty is far stronger than her natural state, matching a full grown, healthy woman. She also possesses unmatched speed and balance, capable of impossible feats of agility. She also possesses retractable claws in her nails, but is normally hesitant to use them if she can. Also has a tail and cat ears growing from her hair.

Bad Girl Switch History- Ounce Kitty got in heat her personality change into a more sexual aggressive Tigress that stronger and faster and just wont take no for an answer. She still playfull but she a bit more rougher with her toys now. She became two inches taller


Tail Poke- She grabbed someone from behind and puts them in and arm lick while her tails works on their ass and pussy. She can even get it to vibrate

The Vice- She leaps on someone and hang upside down with her legs wrapped around their neck and started giving them oral. Ounce her legs wrapped on she had a tight hold and dig her nails in to their ass and begins licking till they pass out from climaxed. Sometime she bites down.

Tiger Paw: leaps nimbly into the air, usually from the top rope, then accurately lands fist-first on her enemy. Usually targets their groin

Pussyfooting: holds onto her enemy’s legs and spreads them apart, stomping rapidly at their crotch


who does she battle?

          The Twins

          tag teams

          Sheana tries to tame the Tigress


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