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The Moonlight Diner, it's on the corner of Central Avenue and Main Street, next to the strip mall, and across from Jones Pub and Grill. Tommy Lang bought it from it's retiring owner two years prior to this story. Seats about fifty people. It has an old school '50s feel to it, and Tommy is keeping it that way.

Day Manager: Janine Lang
Night Manager: Janice Lang
Swing Manager: Open for you all, in my threads Tommy fills in as a stopover from his sister to his wife.

Jones Pub and Grill, owned by Charlie Jones, and operated mainly by Melissa now. Excellent burgers and beer battered onion rings.

The Strip Mall, usual strip mall, has a lingerie store, a coffee shop, a supermarket, an ice cream parlor, a women's and men's clothing store, as well as a unisex salon.

Petra's Pleasures, an Adult 'Boutique'. More upscale than the store in the strip mall. It's on the edge of town.

Petra's house it sits behind her store on the edge of town. It's an old Four story Victorian house, nearly a mansion, and possibly the oldest house in the county. No one is really sure how she got the money for the house and store, but she got it legally.

Jones House, nice two story home five minutes from everything in the town.

Lang House, also a two story house, a little closer to the town center.

Charlie and Francine Jones' house, two story Victorian style house.

Carlson House, a one story, ranch style house.

Hope Primitive Love Communion Church. On the Opposite edge of town from Petra's Pleasure's.

Lakehouse, in the Roaring '20's it was a private club for the well to do. Abandoned in 1959, the deed reverted to the Township of Hope after 1973. Wound up still wasted until 2013 when Colin Jones used it for a JP Morgan Chase annual meetin that was attended by his boss. The Boss loved it and decided to invest in it to fix it up for the community to use. Has rentable bungalows, a boat house for thre jetskis and two fishing boats that can be rented. The boathouse also stores rentable bikes for the bike trail around the lake.

The Lake. The Lakehouse sits on the northern end of the lake. There's a swimming area on the western side of the lake (where Tommy and Sharon meet). On the eastern side of the lake sits a semi cleared picnic area (where Kathryn was trapped as part of a prank) and the southern part is set aside for camping. Around the lake is a bike and jogging trail, the entire course takes a moderate biker and hour and a half to traverse.

Others to be Added.


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