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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 4


As Courtney was tightening the sash she said, "Come in!" in a cheerful tone. The door opened and her mother, Caitlin Jones walked in with a wide smile on her face. She was already dressed in her work attire, which saddened Courtney a bit. It meant someone had called out and her mother had to cover for her. You'd think that being the Head Nurse on the Cancer floor would preclude that, but it didn't. " have to go to work, momma?"

Caitlin's smile dropped a bit as she nodded, "Yeah, sorry baby. I do. But I'll be back early tonight, I swear."

"'s my birthday. You missed the last three because of work." Courtney paused and shook her head, "I...I'm sorry, your job is very important. I don't want you to feel guilty going to work."

Caitlin smiled at her daughter, "How did you get to be so perfect? Come here, baby."

Courtney smiled back at her mother as she returned the hug, "I was taught well. I have a good mother and father is what."

Caitlin hugged her daughter tightly, "Well you're eighteen now. Which means you're going to be experimenting with a lot of stuff soon. You know..."

"Sexual? I don't know...I'm nervous about that stuff."

Caitlin nodded at her daughter, "Why don't you call Jeremy's aunt? Kate felt a lot of the same stuff that you are probably feeling. I didn't I knew who and what I wanted from the time I was five years old. It just took longer to get through to your father than I liked." Caitlin answered letting go of the hug and holding her daughter at arms length.

"Mrs. Carlson? She's like the coolest teacher ever. There's just something about her that grabs everyone's attention. Her stories...Did you know she was on a cruise ship that got hit by a rogue wave?"

Her mother nodded, "Yes, I knew that...I know some other things about that trip. I'd tell them to you, but I do have to get to work. But you call her. I love you, and have a happy, and safe, birthday."

"I love you too momma. And I'll be very careful."


Does she call Kathryn?



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