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A Wishbone Tale | BenjiDude | 11


“Hi there Chesty Larou!” Sally said walking into the staffroom. She took a seat opposite Belle.

“Wha… what did you call me?” Belle asked, taken aback.

“What? Chesty Larou? It’s what I’ve always called you, it’s what everyone calls you,” replied Sally. “Are you feeling ok?” she asked, concerned.

“Yeah… yeah I’m fine, just a long day is all,” Belle answered, trying to figure just what the hell was going on.

“What’s that in your pocket? Looks interesting,” Sally asked pointing to the bulge in Belle’s breast pocket.

“What this thing?” Belle replied, reaching for the bone and pulling it out, “It’s some kind of trinket the newlyweds in the honeymoon suit gave me,” Belle lied. Then it clicked. “Dave said no one would notice!” Belle exclaimed, forgetting that her friend was sitting right opposite.

“Notice what? Who’s Dave?” Sally asked, confused.

“Dave is the guy in the honeymoon suit” Belle answered. “Tell me Sally, honestly, how long have I had these big tits?” Belle asked, as she felt the bone throb in her hand she was slowly putting the pieces together in her head.

“What are you talking about Belle?” Sally answered more confused than ever. “You’ve always had a larger than life chest. We've know each other since we were babies and when you reached puberty the world knew about it. You just kept on growing and growing, staying ahead of all the other girls,” Sally answered. Belle sat back in her chair. This was too much, Belle remembered her puberty as being late and not getting much growth, certainly not being top of the school in the bust league tables. She looked at the bone in her hand.

“I hope this works,” she said wrapping her fingers around the bone. “Sally, you will remember how I used to look,” she said hopefully, the bone pulsed in her hand.

“Oh my god Belle!” Sally shrieked, “What in gods name happened to your chest?!” she asked, gob smacked.

Belle looked back to the bone. “It… works…” she said in shock.

“What works? What happened with your breasts?!” Sally asked again, wanting answers. Belle didn’t hear her, as the realisation of what she had filtered through her head.

“I wish someone would tell me about this thing, how it works,” Belle hushed to herself. She jumped a little as the bone heated up.

“It is the devil's finger bone,” Sally said robotically. “It is also called a wishbone, it allows the owner to change the minds and bodies of those around them, though they can not directly change themselves,” she added. “Only the slimmest of contact is required and the owner only has to visualise what they want for it to become reality,” Sally concluded before coming out of her trance like state. “Err what did I say?” she asked after shaking her head clear of the cobwebs.

“Oh erm nothing” Belle replied, holding onto the bone tightly. “What would you change if you could change anything about yourself? Be honest,” Belle asked, smiling as the wishbone pulsed in her hand.


What would Sally change?


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