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A Wishbone Tale | BenjiDude | 12


“Don’t worry Jane” Melissa said tightening her grip on the bone, “You’ll love what we do to you” she added, Jane's apprehension melted away at those words and she quickly got excited by the idea of what the girls might do to her.

“I can’t wait!” she said with a smile.

“Give us a little twirl” ordered Melissa, Jane performed a pirouette allowing the girls to inspect her figure, “Yeah I know what I’m going to change now” Melissa stated with a smile, “Seeing as you’re going to be getting bigger boobs, we’re going to have to balance out your lower half” she added, running her hands down her hips for emphasise. Instantly Jane could feel her hips start to widen, as her smart black trousers gradually got tighter, she ran her hands over her expanding hips and purred her pleasure, within minutes Jane had gained an extra 6” on her hips, previously having a slim figure with few curves now she was developing nice child bearing hips.

“This feels so good” Jane said as she moved her hands over her butt cheeks as they started to fill out, becoming nice and round, complementing her wide hips, her trousers were getting tighter by the second and threads could be heard creaking under the pressure, they didn’t last long as the seams down the side of her legs gave way quickly followed by the seam in the middle of her butt, the growth slowed Jane had a big smile on her face, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” she stated unable to take her eyes off her new large butt, “I can’t wait to get some clothing that’ll show my rump off!” she added.

“See, I told you you’d like what we did” Melissa said with a smile.

“Oh I do I’m sorry for ever doubting you” Jane replied as she grabbed the tape measure, “Oh my god!” she exclaimed, “I’ve gained twelve inches! I was a 32” before, I’m now measuring 44”!” she added with a big grin.

“My turn!” Rachael cried out as she swiped the bone from Melissa, “You’re going to love this!” she added with a big grin.


What does Rachael change?

          Her vagina


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