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A Wishbone Tale | BenjiDude | 11


The triplets walked through the mall and Rachael spotted the sex shop, “Hey let’s go in there and get some sexy outfits to replace these drab clothes!” the other two agreed and they headed in, oblivious to all the eyes watching them.

A bell sounded signifying their entrance and the male clerk looked up from his magazine, his expression quickly changed from board to excited, when he clocked the three busty girls. With a hop in his step he walked over to the triplets and asked.

“Hi there, how can I help you?”

“We need some super sexy outfits for our man, can you show us where they are?” Rachael asked holding the bone and enjoying the warmth as her will was enforced onto the assistant.

“Certainly girls, this way” the clerk said leading the way to the multitude of racks full of sexy outfits and costumes, there was everything from PVC and BDSM to Cheerleaders and French maids. “Here we are girls, the changing rooms are just in the corner” stated the cashier, the girls all said thank you to the staff member, letting him return to the checkout while they started shuffling through the selection of outfits.

“I call this cheerleader outfit!” cried Danielle

“Cow girl for me Ye-ha!” exclaimed Rachael with a giggle, Melissa picked up two outfits, a sexy nurses outfit and a dominatrix black PVC number

“I can’t make up my mind, what do you reckon?” Melissa asked, moving each outfit in front of her body

“Ooo that’s a tough one!” replied Danielle giving it serious thought, Rachael reached into her pocket and grasped the bone, with a devilish grin she said

“Why don’t you change into them right here right now?” the bone heated up in response to her request

“That sounds like a great idea!” replied Melissa as she started to peel off her t-shirt and trousers. Melissa put on the nurse’s outfit first, “What do you think? Do you think Dave will like to play doctors and nurses with me?” Melissa asked, giving a little twirl, her sky blue uniform, clung to her figure as if hanging on for dear life, showing off every curve and an ample amount of breast meat, the tight skirt came down to just above mid thigh.

“I’m sure he will, but try on the other outfit as well” Rachael replied feeling the comforting throb from the bone, and just like before Melissa started to change outfits, people were starting to steal glances as she took off the nurses outfit in the middle of the shop floor.

“This is so hot!” stated Danielle as she too watched her sister strip off her clothing.

“Well then you should change into your outfit as well, right where you are standing” suggested Rachael, still holding onto the bone.

“Yeah I totally should sis!” replied Danielle as she took her top off, revealing her smooth stomach and firm tits. Melissa was the first to get into her new outfit a strapless black PVC number, it just barely covered her nipples, which were prominently on display, and the lower half looked more like a swim suit than an outfit, sinking into her butt crack and just covering her pussy.

“What do you think?” Melissa asked giving another spin.

“Definitely that one!” replied Rachael, quickly followed by Danielle’s chant of.

“Gimme an H, gimme an O gimme a T, what do you get? Hot Hot Hot!” she jumped up and down on the spot letting her short skirt lift up showing off her new sexy underwear. Rachael was starting to feel a little left out from all the fun, she handed Danielle the bone.

“Make me change in public!” she asked, Danielle closed her hand, gripping the bone tight.

“You will change into your new outfit but you will make it into a strip show” Danielle commanded, enjoying the gentle throb from the bone, instantly Rachael started to move sexually, giving anyone who looked at her an intense sexual stares as she gyrated, slowing inching her clothing off.

By this time the clerk had gotten curious as to what was going on, as everyone in the store seemed to be levitating towards the clothes section. He made his way over, in doing so making everyone else move away.

“What’s going on here?!” demanded the cashier.

“Rachael’s just performing a little strip show, you don’t mind do you?” answered Danielle still grasping the bone.

“Erm, no, no of course not” replied the assistant, by now Rachael was only in her underwear, she sauntered over to the clerk and pressed her body against his, her breasts compressed against his chest. “So are you going to buy those outfits or not?” the staff member asked, constantly being distracted by the show in front of him.

“Maybe” replied Danielle, Rachael turned around and bent over at the hips forcing her butt into his groin, she sexually picked up her short shorts, “You love watching girls put on their clothes don’t you? You find it so much more sexual than taking clothes off” Danielle said feeling the warmth from the bone.

“Oh god yes” hushed the clerk as his cock quickly got hard, Rachael just purred her pleasure at feeling his size between her butt cheeks. She turned around again facing him as she slid down his body, pressing her bosom into his erection; she picked up her new plaid top and slowly stood up again, sexually slipping her arms through the sleeves, looking him in the eyes the whole time, finishing off with tying the shirt together just below her fun bags.

Rachael’s outfit was something to behold, her short shorts were far too short hiding virtually nothing of her firm ass and being so tight as to show a clear camel toe around the front, meanwhile her top, showed plenty of her new bra and pressed her boobs together and up forming an intimidating cleavage.

“Wow that was so much fun!” exclaimed Rachael as she twirled and jumped on the spot, her sisters smiled and giggled

“Why don’t you go back to the checkout?” Danielle suggested to the shop clerk, “We’re just going to have a look around the store for a bit” she added.

“Yes of course take your time” replied the assistant.

“We need some new shoes to complement these new outfits” suggested Melissa.

“Great idea sis!” replied Danielle, “Here; you have the bone for a while, for thinking of such a great idea!” she added handing the bone over to Melissa. The girls made their way over to the shoe section.

“You know what would be good?” asked Melissa, rubbing the bone between her thumb and index finger, “If we embodied some of the stereotype of our outfits but only when we had them on” she added, as she felt the bone heat up in her hand.

“Yeah, that’s like, a totally neat idea!” Danielle replied as she twirled a strand of hair around her finger.

“Ho-wee! That sounds like a great idea!” added Rachael as she slipped the thumbs into her pockets.

“Do to me what I just did to you then give me the bone back” commanded Melissa as she handed Danielle the bone.

“Like totally!” replied Danielle taking the bone, she repeated what Melissa had said before and handed the bone back to her, Melissa instantly felt powerful, like she could control anyone, no one was going to push her around anymore, well apart from Dave, she couldn’t say no to Dave.

They eventually reached the shoe section, and each girl picked up a pair of shoes that matched their outfit, kind of, Danielle having the mind of a cheerleader went for some sexy pink 4” high-heeled shoes, Rachael went for some equally high-heeled leather knee high boots and Melissa picked out some thigh high, 6” high-heeled boots. They put them on and all felt a little unsteady, having not much experience in wearing heels, to compensate they all passed the bone around one another making it so they could all walk perfectly well in heels.

Now with perfect balance and extra height they continued around the store, picking up various items, large dildos, hand-cuffs, blind folds and so on. They headed to the check out and the clerk put all the items through the scanner.

“That’ll be 358 bucks please” he said expectedly, Melissa just looked at him and holding the bone said.

“We don’t need to pay” Rachael nudged Melissa in the side and pointed to the sign on the cash register that read, “Please do not ask for credit as refusal often offends”, “We’ve got store credit remember?” Melissa added with a grin and a wink to the girls.

“Oh yes of course you do, silly me” replied the cashier. Everyone helped put the items into bags.

“How are we, like, going to carry all this?” asked Danielle.

“I ain’t got a clue, there’s just too darn much for little ol’ us” added Rachael.

“You there little shop man!” Melissa said sternly, she picked out the bone from her cleavage, “You love to be dominated by women, giving into women’s demands gives you extreme pleasure doesn’t it!” she commanded as the familiar warmth filled her hand.

“Ye, yes ma’am” the shop clerk replied sheepishly.

“Good what shall we make him do girls?” Melissa asked, handing the bone to Rachael.

“He should strip butt naked and wear only a thong and a dog collar and a lead! Ye-har!” Rachael replied.

“Yeah, like, totally and he should, like, you know, wear super high-heeled shoes!” added Danielle, still playing with her hair.

“Yes, yes indeed, my mistresses” the clerk replied as he scuttled off to find suitable items.

He came back a few minutes later dressed in a black leather thong, 8” black shoes, a dog collar with “Owned” written on it and holding a lead.

“Here you go my ladies” he said handing Melissa the lead, she took it and quickly attached it to his collar.

“Now we have our own servant” stated Melissa.

“Yeah but, like, he’s not much to look at” retorted Danielle.

“You just leave that to little ol’ me” Rachael chimed in holding the bone, the girls watched on as the former clerk transformed from a slender, pale man into a tanned, hung, hunk.

“He’s, like, a total hunk!” exclaimed Danielle stating the obvious.

“Indeed” added, Melissa, “Now grab our bags!” she commanded, “We have more shopping to do” she concluded, their new slave quickly picked up the bags before his leash got tight and all four of them walked out of the store and back into the mall.


Where do they go next?


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