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Girlfriend and Her Friends | Bran_Hopewell | 7


"Well, since you put it that way," says, the devilish grin not fading from her lips. She grabs a fistful of Claire's hair and forces their lips together. Melissa and Amanda press against you and almost purr.

"Nicely put, Mr. Sexy," they say, two hands joining together to work your rod as two pairs of lips starts nibbling on your ear lobes. You look around as your vision starts to haze and you see Claire and still in the front seat, the mauling kiss broken, but Claire's head is buried in 's cunt, her legs spread wide with one on the dash and the other over the back of the seat. You can still see the highway from where you're at and it's a wonder that people aren't stopping; you can only imagine that a bored passenger in a car has one hell of a show.

Then you get an idea.

"Let's play Truth or Dare," you say dreamily. Both girls at your side giggle at the prospect and lets out a low moan and nods. Claire purrs a deep "Mmmm Hmmm" into your girlfriend's soaked snatch as she noisily slurps at the pink folds.

"Who goes first?" Melissa says, the joined hands on your dick stroking faster.

"First one to cum is the bunny, whoever makes her cum gets to ask the question," you say with a wicked smile.

"Make HER cum, huh?" Amanda asks, her mouth moving down to your exposed nipple.

"Honey, I just shot three loads of spunk in three different asses. Go ahead and ask , it'll be ages before I'm ready to blow again," you say with a smirk.

"Oh fuck! He's right!" shouts from the front seat. She starts panting heavily and her legs start twitching and convulsing as Claire assaults her pussy. Her flower is audibly slurped while Claire's fingers saw in and out of your girlfriend and her clit is feverishly attacked.

"Right there! Eat my cunt, you fucking bitch!" screams. Melissa slides into your lap and impales herself on your meat, sliding her cunt down until her clit meets your balls in one stroke. She moans loudly and sits back, her ass grinding on your hips.

"Let's see if Melissa can beat ," Amanda says and quickly dives down between Melissa's thighs. You feel her tongue lap your shaft as she strokes her friend's clit. Melissa starts purring and moaning as she thrashes on your rod and you buck your hips into her, pounding her pussy as her clit is stroked. Your hands go to her tits and start playing with her nipples, teasing and rolling them between your fingers as your hands maul her mounds.

Melissa and start screaming in a chorus of ecstasy as they start their pre-orgasm shudders almost simultaneously.

"It's gonna be close," you grunt as you piston your hips harder and faster. Amanda sucks harder and faster on Melissa's clit, but Claire is giving all she is worth as well.


Who cums first?



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