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Chased by girls | whizzper | 10


As you stare at the High School Senior's slightly burned breasts, you feel a little sorry for the girl, and how her friends just left her like a piece of meat tied to a tree. While you were glad to have eliminated a hunter, you had thought that she would have been let go awhile ago.

You glance at the girl's items and see a small tube of moisturizer and quickly snatch it up. You open the tube, and quickly squirt some onto your hand.

Vicky looks at you quizzically, "What are you...ohhh..." her question ends as you smear the cooling lotion onto her breasts, relieving the burning sensation that the girl had to have been feeling. She just sighs a bit, looking at you gratefully, smiling.

"This isn't exactly the correct stuff for this, but it should relieve you for a little while. There's enough in the tube to last you the rest of the day."

"Thanks. In a way I'm glad you caught me, and that they left me. Really showed me who my true friends are."

"Did a blonde from the college team see you?" You ask, wondering if had left her like that as well.

"You mean ? No. I saw her walking, but she didn't see me."

A slight bit of relief floods you as you didn't think would have left her like that. "Feel better? It's really not that bad of a burn as far as I can see..."

"I'll know tomorrow. " Vicky reaches up and grasps your cock lightly, "I want to be on top, okay?"

You smile, "Fine, no running now..."

"You caught me fair and square." You quickly lay down and she straddles you after taking her shorts off. She lines her slit up with your cockhead, then pauses, "'ll help you, and I'll let you have me...just...will you take me to dinner sometime?"

Her wet slit is distracting you so all you can come up with is, "What?"

"You know so I can tell my kids in the future that my first was nice and romantic...just agree please?" Her eyes are imploring.

Driven by lust the exact words don't penetrate and you just nod your head, "Of course, not a problem Vicky."

She grins and leans forward trapping your lips against hers as she drops down onto your cock. You feel some resistance and she shrieks. Luckily she had her mouth on yours so it's muffled. She lays still on top of you for a moment, then releases the liplock grinning, "You have a nice cock...gimme a second." She just lays on you, and you finally realize that she was a virgin.

" could have told me you were a virgin, Vicky...we could have worked out an alternate plan."

Vicky shakes her head, "It's alright. You came back for me. You showed me that you were a true gentleman. This may not have been exactly how I wanted to lose my virginity, but I'm not lamenting it." She says as she starts slowly moving on your cock.

Her tight sheath is magnificent on your cock, and you look down to see a little blood smeared on your cock as she rides you. The thought of taking her virginity has you on edge, and that combined with the tightness of her pussy has you quickly reaching the brink.


Where do you cum?

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