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A Boy at a Girls School | whizzper | 9


You stare at as she wallows in the afterglow of her orgasm, quite proud of yourself for taking it easy on her for her first time. You weren't sure if you could do it at first as you had wanted to make love to her ever since you found out what it was all about.

opens her eyes and smiles at you, "Thank you."

You blink, "Thanks? What do you mean?"

"I..." She pauses a second, "I've wanted to give you my virginity for a long time now. I..I have a little confession to make to you, ."

"What's that?" You ask, as you reach up and stroke her face gently. You have a feeling it's to tell you that she's experimented with other girls, and you want to make it as easy as possible, and keep your fantasies of you and two, maybe three...hell you and four girls at once, to a minimum.

"I'm not as innocent as I would appear. I tried, I really did. I wanted to have you be my first in everything, but...well like I said. Girls get horny."

You raise an eyebrow, " mate?

" With Phoebe. But it didn't work out too well. She's a rather vindictive person. She knew about you because of my telling her about you. She wants to get her claws into you to get at me."

" it's not because I'm a super buff stud, huh?" You say in mock disappointment. In all honestly, you've already fulfilled your fantasy for the last ten or so years. Phoebe is pretty, beautiful even, but there's an honesty in that just really puts her over the edge of beautiful and straight into Fantasy Girl caliber. And you've just had that, hopefully not for the last time.

"For me you are." She says with a playful smile. "But, I mean...I hope you don't think I did this to get at her. I mean there may be a little element of that in my reasons...but...I mean. I really like you . I really do. Maybe even love, but I'll answer that after the after sex hormones die down."

"Huh?" You mutter.

"It's a biological reaction in females, that after an orgasm we release a lot more, uh, love enzymes than normal. SO I'm not really thinking with a fully straight head at the moment. I don't want to blurt something out that we both don't..." She pauses, and stares into your eyes. "You do want me...right?"


What do you answer?


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