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Magical voyages, a VR experience. | Shendude | 4


"I think I'll try 'Erotic World'"

“Good choice. Come with me.” She takes you through a door and you see several weird machines that look like a spongy white bed with an all encompassing helmet with a large wire bundle coming out of the top of it. You see at least 10 such units, at least half are occupied. “Your credit card please.” You hand her your visa still looking at the machine with a bit of trepidation. She swipes the card into a control computer attached to the unit and leaves it there. “Ok, all you do is lay down and put on the helmet. Once you lower the visor the machine will engage and you will be asked to choose your character. As you chose "Erotic", which is mostly like the real world, your selections will be a bit more limited than the others and in all cases the actual adventure is a mystery to enhance the fun. The events that unfold will be a combination of your choices and of the machine trying to anticipate what will make you happy. Also remember any choices you make can cause other characters outlooks to be rewritten on the fly to conform with your desires but once established these are typically maintained till the end of that characters involvement. Have fun, and good luck.”

You slip on the helmet after laying down on the bed and click the visor closed. Instantly you find yourself in a featureless white void. In front of you floating in space stand a row of naked people both male and female.


What character do you create?


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