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As you watch Kelly on her back, with her hand nestled inside her panties, your dick head throbs, you have been waiting for this moment since you first layed eyes on the blonde hottie.

Slowly crawly onto the bed, running both your hands up along her silk smooth long longs, gently peeling back her wet lace panties, her pussy was glowing, cleanly shaved, thick pink pussy lips, you just had to have a taste.

You flick your tongue across her clit, Kelly’s hands clench on the back of your head, you get a feel for her cunt, stroking down her folds with your fingers, on the odd occasion sliding them inside ever so slightly.

Her pussy is so wet, your fingers glistening with her juices when the come out, you then begin to work your tongue inside her, swapping over, your fingers now rubbing the clit.

Kelly moans with pleasure, her body now stretched out on the bed, her arms stretched out above her, holding onto the bed posts., with a slight arch in her back, her body very tense.

Flight 1018
on its way to L.A

The first class section of the flight was empty except for three people at the front, one was Anna Newson, the only witness to the most horrific crime in the history, she was nervous, her legs shaking under her.

Next was a US Marshall by the name of Terry Cannon, a middle aged man, very silent.
behind the two of them was a CTU agent by the name of Lizzy Adams, (played by Rachel McAdams) having just graduated from the academy, this was her first official assignment, an unexpected surprise considering just forty minutes ago she was on a first date which was rudely interrupted. She felt excited and unhappy at the same time, this was obviously a job for a newbie.

Lizzy had to excuse herself, signaling to the Marshall that she had to go to the restroom.

Back at apartment

By now your head is burried in her crotch, Kelly’s legs wrapped behind your head, she is rubbing both her nipples, whilst you clean out her pussy with your tongue.

“oooohhhh fuck, mmmmm FUCK!!!! fuck me with your tongue” Kelly whimpers “make me cum “

You rotate between your tongue and your fingers, thrashing her pussy with them, its not long before you make her squirt, you lick her cum up with your tongue, cleaning her pussy out, as her hot sticky wet body trembles for a moment or two.


what next?


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