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"Oh hi, honey," Joanne said, sitting up and wiping her mouth. I got a good look at her as she stretched her cat-like frame as if just waking up from a nap instead of just having my heavy load shot down her throat and her plunging four of her fingers in and out of her juicy sex. "I think he went down to the basement, I thought I heard the door open and close," Joanna lied, looking my way just enough to let me notice and giving me a quick wink.

"Hmmm, wonder what he's got going on down there," Joe said with a puzzled tone in her voice.

"I think Penny's down there, maybe he went to give her a welcome home kiss," Joanna suggested. Joe rolled her eyes.

"More like a welcome home fuck," she grumbled.

"Josephine!" her mother said, taken aback by her language. For a woman who just had a shot and a half of cum blasted down her throat, she certain seemed to be genuine in her shock.

"Sorry mom, doesn't make it any less true. Come on, you've heard the way she used to pine over him; hell she used to soak through her panties just thinking about him," Joe said, heading for the door to the basement.

"Well, hon, just remember, she is your sister," Joanna said, emphasizing 'your' quite heavily. I couldn't help but wonder what that meant, and already the wheels in my head were turning with possibilities.

"Yeah, yeah," Joe said and headed down stairs, shutting the door quietly but firmly behind her. Joanna's gaze rolled over to mine, the blush and modesty gone, the expression on her face having twisted to an insaitiable mask of lust.

"I don't know about fucking my daughters, but boy, what came over you?" she asked, parting her thighs and returning her fingers to her sex. They slapped wetly against her shaved snatch before sliding in with a sloppy squish, the four of them resuming their stroke as tendons and muscles flexed feverishly in her forearm.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," you say with a chessire cat grin.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted you to," she replied, petting her kitty while she purred and moaned softly.

"That and your dyke daughter had been teasing me the whole way home," you add.

"Which? Oh, Joe..." Joanne said dreamily.

"What do you mean, 'which'? You mean..."

"Yup. Just like her older sister," she said with a crazy grin. She licked her lips and closed her eyes as an orgasm washed through her body, her pussy juicing noisily. She started to shake and quiver just as we heard Joe's foot steps coming back up the stairs. Joanna straightened herself out and mouthed "Later."

"Oh, there you are," Joe said, wiping her mouth with her hand before blushing for a brief second. You can't help but wonder what brought that on or why her chin is glistening.

"All right, stud, my stuff is upstairs and we're here, no where. Need to go check in at your Mom's and get squared away?"

"Oh bullshit, no reason to stay with that whole house full! We have plenty of room in this big,," she said demurely.


Stay or go?

          Stay with the Andersons for a bit


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