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Incest Mansion | getter | 6


A few seconds after you press the door bell, a woman dressed in a sexy low cut black dress opens the door, under the dim light at the door you can see her cleavage expose on air, and only two small pieces of black cloths from the dress is covering part of her breast and nipples. Under the short black dress you can see her sexy long legs are cover by white laced stocking, and the black high heel she’s wearing make her legs look even slimmer and sexier.

Finally when her face is exposed under the dim light, you can see she’s your hot mom. Your mom is 35yrs old, but she looks like 25, even after giving birth to you she still have a curvy but firm body. When you look at her beautiful face carefully, you can see her long blond hair was out of sorts, and her make-up smudged. Her silky white cheeks seem a little redder than usual, and you could almost smell alcohol from her breath.

“Why are you here?” Your mom looks surprise to see you here.

“I receive a invitation for a family reunion at my college, I figure you and dad and others will be here, so I came.” You answered.

“Be quiet and do everything I tell you, understand? Now follow me.” Your mom whisper quietly to you as she led you inside the mansion.

Your mother led you inside a small room in the mansion, which looks like a waiting room for servants, and on the way here you didn’t see any one inside the mansion except you and your mom. (Isn’t this a family reunion, why no one is here?)

“What’s going on here, mom? You've been drinking? And where’s dad?” You started to ask what’s going here.

“Don’t speak, just wait here till I’m back, ok? No matter what you hear, just stay here and don’t walk around.” Your mom speaks cautiously.

“Ok, I will stay here, but you better tell me what’s going on here, when you are back.” You answer as your mom close the door and leave the room.

After a few minutes after your mom is gone, you hear some moaning from the downstairs, as you listen carefully, you can hear it’s a woman’s moaning from the basement of the mansion.

Although you mom told you to stay in this room, but you decide to check it out yourself, after leaving the room, you quickly find your way downstairs to basement. As you reach the end of the stair, you find a door that lead to the basement. The door is lock, but there is a tiny hole on the door, which you can peep through.

What you see from that hole shock you, you see your mom is naked and on her four legs. Your mom is blindfolded by a piece of black cloth and she’s not wearing anything but a leash attached dog collar on her neck, her white stocking and her high heels. The end of the leash is hold by man that only wearing a underpants, the half naked man walk your mom like a bitch around the room and order her to bark like a bitch.

“Now, lift your leg and piss like a true bitch, slut!” The man walk close to your helpless mom, slap her shaking ass, and order her to pee like a dog.

As the man come closer, you can see his face. He is….


Who is that man?

          Your arrogant step-brother, Chad


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