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In the Woods | monalottanow | 3


"Can I?" you ask hopefully.

"Sure honey." Cassie says and begins taking the gogeous lingerie off.

You shift off of Steves lap and take your top off revealing your slender smooth body. Cassie is completely naked now, holding the lingerie in her hand. You notice that she has no pubic hair at all and you can see her cunt. You slip off your trousers, socks and shoes, leaving yourself in only a pair of purple satin panties.

You feel a little embarrassed, but the girls smile reassuringly at you and Cassie although naked seems totally comfortable.

You slide the panties down your silky smooth legs and take them off revealling your tiny bald dick, you like Cassie are completely smooth. You feel Steves hand on your back as he strokes you softly, sending pleasant shivers down your spine.

"You want a hand putting it on?" Cassie asks crawling over to you.

"Yeah please." You reply as you watch her breasts sway. Oh how you wish you had breasts like hers.

She takes your hand and stands up, drawing you up with her. You begin to feel aroused, standing naked in the back of a moving with a beautiful naked girl ready to dress you in a sexy body thong.

"You have such a cute little dick." She says watching it stiffen.

"How big does it get?" She asks as you put your arms through the sleeves.

"Only bout 2 inches." You tell her as she slides the lingerie over your head and pulls it down over your chest.

She takes your small dick and tiny balls in one hand and slides them between your legs before sliding the thong through after them. Reaching around she grabs the thong and pulls it up between your soft round bum cheeks and attaches it to the back of the garment that is half way up your back. She quickly kneels in front of you and adjusts the thong between your legs so that covers and conceals your dick and balls.

"How does it feel?" Sandra asks as Cassie stands up.

"Amazing." You tell her as you run your hands over the fabric thats taut over your body. The thong is holds your dick and balls tightly and presses against your arsehole.

"How do I look Babe?" you ask Steve, giving him a spin.

"Totally fuckable." He tells you and you know he's not lying by the bulge in his trousers.

As you kneel to sit down between Steves legs you gasp as the thong squeezes you dick and balls. Steve grabs your bare hips and pulls you down onto his lap, you can feel his growing bulge against your arse cheeks.

"Look what else we got." Cassie says grabbing one of their bags and sitting back down next to Sandra.

"We thought we'd give Billie and Mark a full makeover, if you two studs don't have any objections." Sandra says as Cassie starts rifling though the large duffel bag.

"I'm cool with it." Steve replies.

"Same here." Jake calls from the drivers seat.

"Well we might as well get started on you now Billie, the make up and stuff we'll do when we get there." Sandra says


Let the girls work on you.

          Let the girls work on you.


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