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In the Woods | monalottanow | 2


"So how have you both been? It seems like I haven't seen you in ages." You ask the girls.

"We've been really good thanks Billie." Sandra says.

"How did you like that lingerie we got for you?" Cassie asks, refering to the black suspender top and g-string they gave me last time we all met up.

"I love it, it fits perfectly and it made Steve so hard, not that he needs any help there." You tell them.

"You should see what we got you this time." Cassie says. "It's really hot."

"Yeah and she's wearing it right now, you wanna see?" Sandra asks

"Please." You reply eagerly.

"Okay, show them babe."

Cassie gets up and kneeling, she takes off her tight polo top to reveal a Gorgeous Sheer Black with soft Red Rose print that does absolutely nothing to hide her small yet pert breasts underneath. It has a high neck and cap sleeve design and as she stands and takes off her hipster jeans revealling high sides that expose her hips. She turns slowly showing the thonged back that disappears between her peach shape bum cheeks.

"Wow." Is all you can say as Cassie sits back down without redressing. "You two really got that for me?"

"Yep and a whole lot more." Cassie says.

"Thank you so much, I love you two so much." You tell them.

"I can tell you like it." You say to Steve as you feel his cock stiffen beneath you.

"Lets just say you wouldn't be getting any sleep even if we didn't have the shit load of drugs with us." He replies.

"Oh god I love you so much too." You tell him before kissing him deeply.

"Do you wanna try it on now?" Sandra asks me


try on body thong now or wait until you arrive?

          Try on body thong now

          Wait until you arrive


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