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In the Woods | monalottanow | 1


You see Jakes battered old Bedford van pull up outside your house as you wait at the front window. Excitedly you grab your stuff and head out the front door to be greeted by your gorgeous boyfriend, Steve. He takes you gear and opens the back of the van, slapping your butt as you climb in, before following you and shutting the door.

Inside the back of the van is covered with rugs and cushions and you can see why Mark, your best friend and Jakes boyfriend, calls it Jakes passion wagon. Cassie and Sandra greet you warmly, each with a kiss and a hug before you say hi to Jake and Mark who are sat up front.

Steve stows your gear and sits down before pulling you down into his lap and embracing you. He gives you a big kiss and you feel him slip his tongue into your mouth, you respond submissively and feel yourself relax against him.

"Hi baby." he says.

"Hi yourself handsome." you reply softly.

You hear the girls giggle, but notice they to are cuddling each other.

"So where we going guys?" you ask as Jake pulls away.

"That's a secret even to me." Mark says.

"Trust me you're all gonna love it, really remote. It's gonna take a couple of hours to get there but it'll be worth it." Jake tells you.

The vibrations of the van are soothing and you find yourself really comfortable in Steve's embrace.


Do you fall asleep or talk to the girls?

          talk to girls

          Fall asleep


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