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A Sexy Day in Suburbia | CLITaurus | 13


“But you’ve just washed them yourself,” Tommy says.

“I rubbed them against your dirty cock and then you spunked all over them,” you say. “They’ll need a much more thorough wash if they’re going to get clean after that.”

“Like what?”

“Like having the soap massaged into them! Now lather up you hands, reach around, and start massaging!”

Tommy isn’t about to turn down that offer and quickly does as he is told. At first he squeezes your breasts too hard and tries pinching you nipples and you have to direct him on how to massage them just right. To his credit, he takes direction well and soon is fondling you like a pro. You begin to feel warm and tingly between your legs and decide to let him ‘wash’ down there.

“Tommy, dear,” you say.

“Yes, Joy?” he says behind you.

“My pussy is feeling very dirty, could you put your hand down there and rub it clean?”

“I-I’m not sure I know how.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you.”

Tommy lowers his right hand to your hot, sensitive pussy. His touch makes you gasp, but you control your need to vocalize the pleasure his finger is giving you long enough to direct him to your clit. This time, thankfully, he is gentle and his rubbing is soon bringing you closer and closer to climax.

“Is this okay?” He asks.

“Yes, Tommy, it’s very good. Keep rubbing me there. OH. That’s it. Mmm. Keep … keep rubbing me … AH there.”

You are quickly lost in the pleasure of Tommy’s ministrations and reach climax in record time.

Tommy stops when he feels your pussy convulse and your back arches. He just manages to hold you upright as your legs threaten to buckle.

Your excitement slowly subsides and you open your eyes.


What now?


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