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A Sexy Day in Suburbia | CLITaurus | 6


You decide you can’t wait to get out of the white cotton panties and so pull them off immediately. You then straddle him, positioning your dripping wet pussy above his erection. Despite you being on his bed Tommy does not awake.

“Tommy,” you stage whisper. “Tommy, my school-girl pussy is waiting for your big hard cock. I’m so wet for you Tommy. Wake up and fuck my tender virgin school-girl cunt.”

Tommy begins to stir he slowly opens his eyes and then opens them wide as he sees a big-breasted blonde catholic schoolgirl positioned above him.

“Wha-?” he says just as you envelop his nine inches within you. You're glad that you lost your hymen to a dildo years ago or this might really hurt. As it is the feeling is quite good. Like a dildo but warm and fleshy.

Tommy seems to decide not to question his good fortune any longer. He reaches up and unbuttons the sweater and shirt more deftly than you would have expected from a virgin such as him. Obviously he has been practicing. He wraps his hands around your breasts and squeezes.

“Too hard Tommy! Too hard,” you say. "Squeeze them gently, softly...”

Tommy is good at following orders and he is soon fondling your breasts in the perfect manner, increasing your enjoyment. He is also beginning to work himself inside you, thrusting deep into your cunt in slow, measured strokes, increasing the stimulation for both of you. You are amazed when you find yourself approaching orgasm before he cums himself. You had heard that guys generally cum first, especially their first time, yet Tommy is continuing to hold back.

You reach climax quickly and as your pussy spasms Tommy’s cock pumps its hot load inside you.

Tommy looks up at you.

“Are you real or am I dreaming?” he asks unable to believe his luck.

You lean down and kiss him.

“I’m real alright Tommy. It's me, Joy from next door. Your mother sent me up here to make you feel better, but as far as I’m concerned you feel wonderful, especially with your big cock inside me.”

“Thanks,” says Tommy blushing

“Tell me something,” you say, “were you a virgin before this?”

“Yes,” Tommy admits. “Was I any good?”

“You were great, apart from grabbing my breasts too hard, that’s why I asked. How did you learn to move like that or hold back your orgasm? My friend said guys are always premature the first time.”

“Um. I suppose I’ve just done a lot of research and, um, practice.”

You start to laugh.

“W-What’s so funny?” Tommy asks.

“Who would have thought being a geek would make you a better lover. Guess you can study anything. But you know the rules of research?”

“What’s that?”

You squeeze your pussy muscles around his cock and lean over so your breasts are in his face.

“Firsthand experience is better than theory and all experiments must be repeated to verify the results”

“Good point,” says Tommy and leans forward to take your nipple in his mouth.


Another round or an interruption?

          Repeat the experiment with different variables


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