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The roar of the helicopter was shaking the building, Jack and a team of 5 operatives busted through the door to the roof, ducking and running towards the chopper, climbing on board.

“Bill, its Jack, now boarding chopper ETA 5 minutes, Bauer out”

“ok Jack, let me know the moment you arrive at your destination” Bill was overlooking the floor from his outpost, when his office phone rang.

“MR Buchanon, I have Vice President Heller on the line”

Flight 1018
on its way to L.A

The first class section of the flight was empty except for three people at the front, one was Anna Newson, the only witness to the most horrific crime in the history, she was nervous, her legs shaking under her.

Next was a US Marshall by the name of Terry Cannon, a middle aged man, very silent.
behind the two of them was a CTU agent by the name of Lizzy Adams, (played by Rachel McAdams) having just graduated from the academy, this was her first official assignment, an unexpected surprise considering just forty minutes ago she was on a first date which was rudely interrupted. She felt excited and unhappy at the same time, this was obviously a job for a newbie.

Lizzy had to excuse herself, signaling to the Marshall that she had to go to the restroom.

more to come


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