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You walk towards her as you do so Kelly shifts her butt back on the bed, you climb onto the bed with her, rolling your hands up her silk smooth long legs, your hand reach up into her dress, pulling her panties down along her thighs

Her white cotton panties were sodden wet, the smell of her trimmed cunt was like none you have ever smelt before, her pussy was very pale pink, with a pronounced clitorous.

Seeing this you start to lick her clit with your tongue, Kelly’s body squirms on the sheets, her stomach going up and down along with the deep breathes, you then continue by inserting your index finger and another finger into her love hole.

“ahhhh fuck, that’s it finger fuck me, warm me up baby” Kelly’s hand stretch up on the bed, streching out her body, hiking her dress more up to her waist.


The roar of the helicopter was shaking the building, Jack and a team of 5 operatives busted through the door to the roof, ducking and running towards the chopper, climbing on board.

“Bill, its Jack, now boarding chopper ETA 5 minutes, Bauer out”

“ok Jack, let me know the moment you arrive at your destination” Bill was overlooking the floor from his outpost, when his office phone rang.

“MR Buchanon, I have Vice President Heller on the line”


By now you have your face buried in kelly’s snatch, eating her pussy clean, meanwhile she unbuttons her dress, when she gets to the last button she spreads the dress to each side of her now exposed perfectly formed body.

She grasps her tits with each off her hands, wrapping her legs around your neck as you devour her cunt.

You reach your hands up her smooth belly up to her tits, pinching on her nipples, both her and your hands do this together, her breathing becomes more aggressive, her back squirming on the bed.

You know this is a good time to stop, as you raise your head, you admire the blonde beauty you have on your bed, you let out a smile.

“What are you doing fuck me already.


what next?


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