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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | switch76 | 1


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It is the night of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and AC Milan. You are sitting in a sports bar with your friend and co-worker from the office, , waiting for the match to start on the big screen. Beer, football, your team Real Madrid in the final and the company of a sexy girl. What a great evening! Shame she supports the opposition. You two have been engaging in friendly banter all week, exchanging insults about each other's team and players. One of you will be a lot happier than the other by the end of the match.

Feeling confident you say to "Let's put a little bet on the match. Say 100?"

"You know I can't afford that on my wages" she replies.

"What's the matter? Not so confident now?" you say.

She goes silent for a while before a thought pops into her head and a mischievous smile appears on her face.

She says "I've an idea that doesn't involve money. If your team wins, I'll give you a blow job in the office each day next week and do whatever you want for the week. If my team wins, you'll have to lick me to orgasm once each day starting Monday and do whatever I tell you for the week. Still so confident now ?" You are stunned by her suggestion but thinking about it really gets you horny.

"OK, you're on." you say. You shake hands on the bet.

You can't wait for the match to start and hope you'll still be smiling come Monday.

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Who wins the match?

          wins the bet

          wins the bet.

          It’s a draw


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