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A Gay man in Fantasy World | murder | 1


It is still dark as you arouse yourself from sleep, you looked out the window and notice the sun has barely risen from the horizon. You got yourself out of bed as the day has just begun and there's along day ahead.

As you gather your clothing and dress yourself, you gotten your bearings. You are a young man, too young some would say, a traveler who does odd jobs for money and gathers experience from the world you travel: from magical spells to the everyday. You travel for the fun of it.

The little town of Allenia, the town of which you are in, is a town at crossroads. Near the border shared by 3 different nations, it is a gray area which no nation would like to trespass. As such it has a thriving underworld and the surrounding area is plagued by monsters which are said to capture men and women for pleasure.

The surrounding area is of plains but to the North is the Great Desert where monsters such as giant sand snakes inhabit the sands and desert raiders dwell. To the West is the Dark Forest, a massive forest whose canopy shields the lower grounds to sunlight leading to a mass amount of monster gathering there. To the South is a short distance to the shore to the sea where monsters like the kraken and pirates dwell. To the east, are the mountains, where orcs and goblins dwell.
Or would you prefer to stay in town and visit any of the local places such as the bar, market and where the underworld stick around. There are a fair share of monsters hiding in the sewers and dark areas.


Where would you like to go?

          You decide to explore the underground tunnels

          Head off to the Dark Forest

          The Great Desert


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