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Angelina's Wings | Bran_Hopewell | 2


Angelina decides it might be best to not get involved with the locals just yet; she’s not even sure where she is. Besides, getting into a carriage with a group of strangers in these strange times could have unexpected results…they might even be hunters and already know she’s here.

Angelina slinks into the undergrowth, but stays close to the road, hidden from any approaching carriages. The weeds and underbrush scraping against her skin feels delightfully wicked and she almost subconsciously begins taking her rags off, allowing her naked body to be caressed by the still-falling rain, the cool night air, and the leafy fingers reaching out to touch her sensuously. She makes her way along the road, moving closer to it once the carriage thundered by. She caught the quick light from inside, seeing a young man and an older woman inside.

“Damn me,” she hissed silently. “Could have probably gotten a nice ride.”

She kept moving, half-heartedly waiting for another carriage to come by on the way to town. She knew that she was making progress, but the lights of the convent didn’t feel any closer. The cold caress of the rain was starting to make her shiver in a most undelicious way and she was determined to get somewhere fast. Angelina knew she was impervious to catching a cold, but once her body temperature started to drop, she would have to feed to sustain herself, and she didn’t know when that next opportunity would arise.

A light in the woods caught her eye, and she turned to examine it. It looked like it might be a farmstead; it certainly wasn’t moving and there were several light sources close together in the darkness. She almost started moving toward it when she caught the sound of another carriage moving up the road, the sound almost indistinguishable over a sudden clap of thunder and the steady increase of the downpour over her head.


Chance a ride or head for shelter?

          Head for the Hills

          Thumb a ride


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