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Angelina's Wings | Bran_Hopewell | 2


Angelina decides it would be best to try to hitch a ride; besides, it’s bound to be warmer and dryer in the carriage. Boldly she steps out into the road.

The carriage driver slows the horses upon seeing the mostly naked girl in the woods, and she hears him shouting to the occupants of the carriage. He stops the horses completely before Angelina and jumps down, opening the carriage door for her. Inside, she sees a posh interior; velvet upholstery, several mellow lamps, and most importantly, two occupants, one older woman and one younger man. Both of them eye the mostly naked and soaking wet Angelina with a sexual interest that they try to pass off as a bored, casual glance as they examine the nearly naked and soaked-to-the-bone redhead while she climbs into the carriage.

Angelina turns and blows a kiss to the driver, causing him to blush slightly. She can almost feel his manhood start to stiffen, even though he’s well outside of arm’s reach. Once inside, she feels similar reactions from the carriage’s occupants. There is ample seating beside either the man or the woman, the only question is, where to sit?


By the lady or by the lord?

          By the Lady


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