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Angelina's Wings | Bran_Hopewell | 2


Angelina is a very special succubus, the off spring of a human mother, but produced from the cum of both an Arch Angel and an Arch Demon. She will some day be one of the Generals in Hell’s army, but for now, she must earn her wings. To do so requires 4 separate quests and at the completion of each, she returns to Hell and waits for her Master to summon her again.

Like all Succubae and Incubi, she lives in the City of Brass when in Hell. While the pure and chaste regard this as the ultimate torture, the sex demons gladly call this place home, but are wary of it; for everything can rape you in the City of Brass. Everything is active and sexually hungry, from the walls and floors to clothes and beds.

All succubae go through four transformations before they become full-fledged succubae. These transformations are granted at the conclusion of their Tests. When freshly created, succubae look much as they did in life. They can walk into Holy areas without a thought, they can pass as Human in all aspects except for a completely insatiable sex drive. They also have limited mind-control abilities at their first stage, but these disappear as they hit their second stage.

Second stage succubae have tails when in Hell. When on the mortal plane, they can change their appearance at will, but are limited to skin color, eye color, and hair color augmentation.

Third State succubae are prohibited from walking on Holy ground, including cemeteries. They are allowed to choose their appearance before going on a mission, and most choose a body similar or identical to a loved-one of their target.

Fourth Stage succubae are insatiable and have a hunger for sex. The hunger drives them beyond need for food and drink, and without it, they will die, either in Hell or on the mortal plane. When a succubae has sex with a mortal, she can choose to kill the mortal or let it live, the act of sex delivering the mortal’s soul into the succubus. Fourth Stage succubae have wings in Hell, and they seem to be evenly split between black, feathery wings and black leathery wings.


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