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3 Families | Bran_Hopewell | 6


Joe lifts her sister’s legs as you try to see how this is going to work. Her legs in the air, you have half of the couch to carefully kneel down onto, carefully positioning yourself between her thighs. Joe’s eyes glitter as they watch your cock inch closer to her little sister’s pussy, her own fingers spreading the pink lips.

“Go on, chicken, spear her little blonde cunt,” Joe hisses. She works her hand inside her own pants and you can make out the outline of her knuckles against the fabric of her jeans.

“You want to watch, don’t you. You want to watch my cock impale your sister? You’re sick. Sick, dirty, and I love you,” you say as you softly rub your cock against Penny’s pussy.

“You what?” Joe asks, her head whipping around as you start to push inside Penny. You feel something inside her, something that stops you cold.

“Oh fuck, Joe, she’s still a virgin!” you whisper harshly. Joe’s fingers work feverishly on her sister’s clit, making her moan in her sleep. “Joe, I can’t…” you say slowly.

Joe, with a devilish grin responds by slapping your ass, hard. Your hips lunge forward, breaking her hymen. Penny’s eyes flash open in a half-scream, half moan as she feels your cock buried to the hilt inside her and fingers on her clit.

“Joe?” she says, looking over at her sister’s devilish smile as she watches your hips start to pump.

“Oh fuck, Joe, what? Why? Oh God, don’t stop,” she moans as your hips pick up speed.

“That’s it, baby girl, feel the cock….feel the one you’ve wanted for years, feel it inside you. He’s good, I know, I trained him. He’ll treat you right, just lay back and get fucked,” Joe said demurely, whispering into her sister’s ear. Goosebumps broke out along her sister’s skin and her nipples got tighter as her back arched, pushing her cunt against you, trapping her sister’s fingers between you and her pussy.

“Oh shit, oh, fuck, oh fuck me! Fuck me!” Penny screamed, getting into it.

“I’m gonna…” you grunt as you start pistoning harder into the tight pussy of your best friend’s little sister.

“Not in me, no, not…” Penny panted in between crashing waves of orgasm. You start to pull out and Joe slaps your ass, hard, pushing you back inside.

“Yes in her!” she hisses. “Let her tight little cunt feel that geyser of man-juice squirting into her. Let her feel that throbbing cock as you unload inside of her!”

That’s all it takes and you burry yourself to the hilt in her blonde-trimmed pussy, unloading load after load of your cum into her snatch, her body convulsing with every pump from your cock. You hear yourself grunting as her pussy clamps down on you, Penny is screaming, her mouth quickly covered by Joe’s lips as she kisses her sister into silence. It is only then that there is a knock on the door.


Panic or put on a show...who's at the door?


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