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Joanna is sleeping quietly on the couch, her sundress hugging her curves tightly, her long red hair fanned out around her face on the pillow. Dozens of wedding magazines are arrayed around her, open to various pages.

“She’s helping plan Gwen’s wedding,” Joe whispered. “Stay here a minute, I’ll be back; I just want to drop my stuff off in my room.”

You nod and keep drinking in the site of her mother arrayed on the couch. You two have always flirted with each other, though playfully. When her daughter came out of the closet, you were there beside her and gave both Joe and Joanna the support they needed at the time, something which both women have been eternally grateful for.

Your eyes rake up her body, from her painted toe nails, to the long expanse of endless leg, to the moderate chest, to those sleeping, puffy lips. Her eyes look like she hasn’t slept in ages and part of you wants to just let her sleep. It is remarkable, though, how much Joe has grown to look like her. You can’t help but wonder if they have the same crimson muff, pale pink nipples, or tasty pussy. At that thought you feel your dick start to rise in your pants. After an entire afternoon of being teased by your best friend, at your feet is the perfect opportunity to relieve some tension.

You find yourself sinking to your knees beside the couch. You place one hand on her knee and she stirs in her sleep, snoring cutely and smacking her lips.

“More,” she pleads, still asleep. Her legs spread slightly and one hand absently grabs the hem of her sundress and pulls upward. “Please,” she whispers, still asleep.

Inch by inch, her delicious thighs are revealed. You’ve seen them before, and they’ve always had the same effect on you; a tent in your pants and your thoughts moving to other, less inviting things to avoid pointing out the tourist attractions. This time is different; you know she’s sleeping, but she’s deliberately exposing herself to you.”

You sit there frozen, one hand still on her knee, your eyes darting between her thighs as they are uncovered more and more and her eyes to make sure it’s not some kind of trap. She moans softly and tugs her dress hem the rest of the way up her body, arching her back to let it clear her ass.

“Touch me, eat me,” she moans, still sleeping. Her hand drops down to the white cotton panties that are rapidly becoming transparent, rubbing her wet slit through the thin material. You can make out her flame-red pussy fur through the white fabric, trimmed and neat. Your fingers start to slide up her knee, tingling against the touch of her smooth, well-toned thighs. You get to the point where you can feel her heat against them and she slides her panties aside, exposing her crimson-trimmed pussy to you, open and glistening.

You take one final look at her eyes, making sure she’s still asleep before you…


Continue or are your interrupted?

          Throw every caution aside


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