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Not being the foreplay kind of guy, you instruct Kelly to lay flat on her stomach, her red lace panties ride between her ass cheeks, her butt is pronounce, you roll her panties down slowly, folding down her thighs, all the way to her feet. tossing the panties to the floor, unzip your panties and pull down your undies, gently rubbing your cock to full attention, admiring her beautiful figure.

Standing up just at the end of the bed, you take Kelly underneath her thighs, hoisting her ass up to your hard dick, gently sliding your dry boner into her wet canal, she locks her feet behind your back, supporting herself up with both hands,

You have full control of her entire body, her pussy is tight clinging around your pulsating shaft, you slowly begin to rock your hips back and forth, each time going forward you jolt your lover an inch or two forward also.

“ohhh yeah, fuck me , fuck me like a whore, give me your best, fuck....... you feel so good” her breathing becomes flustered, she is unable to do anything but be pounded like a piece of meat.


The roar of the helicopter was shaking the building, Jack and a team of 5 operatives busted through the door to the roof, ducking and running towards the chopper, climbing on board.

“Bill, its Jack, now boarding chopper ETA 5 minutes, Bauer out”

“ok Jack, let me know the moment you arrive at your destination” Bill was overlooking the floor from his outpost, when his office phone rang.

“MR Buchanon, I have Vice President Heller on the line”


Each thrust now becoming more of an effort, your cock ripping through her pussy folds, now with one hand clinging onto her blonde hair, the other supporting her waist, reaching underneath across her flat smooth stomach, a finger rubbing her clit at the same time.

You are relentless, your sweaty ass thrusting into her rear end, Kelly does alot to help, meet your thrusts with a back thrust of her own.

Unable to talk Kelly just mutters sweet nothings, her moans turning into cries of pleasure,

Sweat drips across her tanned back, dripping down into her ass crack, as you pump her. taking the pace down a notch, your thrusts now are more powerful, short busts, arching your back to gain more power in each effort.

“Fuck, fuck...... yes, yes, yes, yes,...... “ kelly mutters


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