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you step closer towards Kelly, her feet now unable to stroke your cock, she begins to unbuckle your belt, snapping it to the floor, next was the button on your pants, taking her time, felt for what seemed like an eternity waiting for her to pleasure you.

Kelly unzipped your pants, letting then fall to the ground, your hard cock makes a distinguished appearance, trying to bust free from your tight black undies, she teases you more, dampening the cotton with her tongue, her tongue licking through the fabric, drenching your undies.

“you wan’t me to suck your cock?” she says, her grin is sweet like a young girl, trickling her fingers over the buldge.

“you would not believe how much I would like that Kelly”

She did not need anymore of an invitation, immediatly inserting her thumbs in each side, folding your briefs down your thighs, your cock springs to life, inches away from her nose.

she begins to stroke your penis, lifting it towards your belly as she makes first contact with your genetals, her tongue coating your ball sack with warm gooey saliva, you take steady breathes, the feeling of kelly’s mouth against your scrotum is like nothing you have experienced before.

Kelly swaps hands, the hand now stroking your cock, is wet with spit, lactacting your shaft, her hand softly glides up and down, on the way up she twists her palm, without warning her lips wrapped around your rock hard cock helmut, as her hand moves back down your shaft she takes more of your penis into her warm mouth.

Her tongue flickig over your pisshole inside her mouth, spit dribbles from the corner of her mouth, long gooey strains of saliva splash to the floor, it was an increble wet blowjob.


The roar of the helicopter was shaking the building, Jack and a team of 5 operatives busted through the door to the roof, ducking and running towards the chopper, climbing on board.

“Bill, its Jack, now boarding chopper ETA 5 minutes, Bauer out”

“ok Jack, let me know the moment you arrive at your destination” Bill was overlooking the floor from his outpost, when his office phone rang.

“MR Buchanon, I have Vice President Heller on the line”


By now Kelly was gliding her lips back and forth on your shaft, her tongue playing wonderful tricks on your cock, saliva dripping from her chin, taking a hold of the back of her head, with a couple of hand full of hair, you start to rock your hips towards her, everytime she goes down on your cock.

Like a well oiled machine, meeting her, pushing as much off your cock into her mouth, holding her head there on the odd occasion, your cock head nestling in her upper throat, forcing Kelly to breathe from her nose.

You see her struggling for breathe, you remove your big shaft, she takes a deep breathe, coughing up spit “you like fucking my mouth ?” she looks up at you, still massaging your cock with both hands.

You thrust your shaft into her mouth all the way, leaving it a couple of seconds, then you remove it, you keep this up, every time meeting the back wall of her mouth.

After one particular time, Kelly pushes herself back on the bed, taking off her skimpy red lace bra, then she digs a hand into her panties, rubbing her clit.

“You wan’t me? come get me”


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