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The phone continued to ring, you knew only one call it could be, that of CTU, your enlarged dick was throbbing in your pants, nestled on Kelly’s inner thigh, her body was very warm, her upper breasts and neck was hot and sweaty, her short red dress was hiked up her thighs.

You knew this could be your only shot at her, you let go of her thighs, letting her stand on her feet, walking over to your phone...... you tear the cable from its sacred source, Kelly begins to walk up the stairs, “give me 5 minutes to freshen up, then come up” Your dick grows impatient, you pour yourself a glass of bourbon to settle yourself down.

Using the downstairs bathroom, you quickly wash your package, scrubbing under your balls, then spitting a mouth full of wash down the drain, five minutes has passed, you cooly make your way up the spiral staircase, the bourbon in your stomach is making you feel in control and at ease.

opening the door to your bedroom, Kelly is sitting on the corner of your bed, your gun holsted in her palms.


Jack passes through the automatic doors, he is greeted by Bill.

“What have we got so far Bill” Jack asks while walking to the briefing room.

“Not much to go on, a potential witness in Washington said she saw someone acting suspicious two days ago, she did not think to report it, too late now I guess” Bill replied, the both then entered the briefing room, the glass automatically tinting when the door is sealed.

“Where is ?” Jack asked.

Chloe jumped in “Can’t get a hold of him, left several messages, strangest thing is, that his phone went dead a few minutes ago”
Bill interupted “Keep trying Chloe, send someone other there if you have to” he then directed his attention to the whole room, which were Tony and michelle Almeda Morris and Chloe.

“ok, this is big people, the only lead we have to go on is this witness, Anna Newson, currently on a plane back here for statement, all we have is a plate number, the car is registered to Howard Tech, right here in LA, all our attention will be on this lead, we have a squad being assembled as we speak to be lead by Jack. Strictly re-con only”

back at your apartment

Standing frozen as the blonde points the gun at you, Kelly then squeeses the trigger.....

Nothing happened, just a click of an empty barrel, she laughs “told you I was kinky” she watches as you draw closer, her foot rubbing your crotch “now you gonna fuck me or what?” her grin is wide, her white pearl teeth lighting up the room.

You unbutton your shirt, one at a time, throwing it to the floor, while you let Kelly tease you with her toes.

(this is the start of a very detailed sex scene, every move is up to you, each move takes 4 minutes on the clock, you have a total of twenty minutes for this scene, that gives you five moves)


pick your first move.

          wet blowjob

          Supported Doggie Stretch

          Hungry for Pussy?

          Skip this sex scene but view important plot lines.


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